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Rabobank - 2020/1731

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Imagine… that you as a senior front-end developer really make an impact on the way our customers perceive the services we render at Rabobank. You make it possible to give our customers a 9+ experience. Which today highly depends on our online presence.
Our day-to-day business at Rabobank Online is reinventing the way customers interact with their bank. Around 2.5 million customers in the Netherlands use Rabobank’s mobile banking services and many more people visit our website. A large number of them rely on the Rabo Banking App on a daily basis. The app is a stepping stone towards creating a personalised environment that revolves around the customer on a multitude of devices. In addition to that, our website is the main source of information on all our products, services and research. In The Netherlands as well as for our international customers around the globe.

Your technical expertise will be seen as invaluable. We're looking for colleagues who don't hold back and will push for solutions, dare to challenge, are passionate about technology and have considerable experience in web development.

Your role
We are in particular looking for a senior front-end developer for a new team within the area Business Banking. This team will kick start soon and aim for adding new functionality to our business banking platform. Among others giving customers better insights in their income and spending. In this role we not only expect you to show us your best coding skills, but also to bring structure where needed, have an eye for overall quality including the operations responsibility of the team and work together with the other developers and solution architects to stand for the overall quality of the products and services we deliver.

Our Technology stack
Java 11, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Angular 7, Typescript 2/3, Stencil, WebComponents, JavaScript, Ionic 4, CSS, Selenium, WebDriver, Lerna, TestCafe, Jest, Gonzales, NPM / Yarn, NodeJS, Jenkins.

As a developer you can make a difference!
Rabobank Online is a breeding ground for innovation in multiple ways: apart from delivering great customer functionality we build, test and run it with the latest technology stack. We seek to continuously improve the way we work and by doing that becoming the most customer-oriented bank in the Netherlands. Are you our new hero?

With each other
Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our DevOps teams bring talented people together to build, test and run the best solutions for our users. You can work on your task autonomously, but never lose the focus on the team goals. What makes our department so special is that we work in close collaboration with the end users. So as a front end developer you co-create new and innovative solutions to enhance the user friendliness of all our channels.
At Online, we thoroughly believe in strong teams! Within these teams we constantly challenge each other to work on ways to improve our platform. We love pair programming, do occasional mob programming, and organise knowledge sharing sessions to keep everyone in the loop on the latest developments. We're all active within the Frontend Guild we've set up internally and many of us regularly visit conferences and meetups to either present ourselves, or to get informed about the latest developments in our area of expertise.

Eisen waaraan je moet voldoen

Nevenfuncties vermelden op cv

Rabobank vereist dat alle nevenfuncties die de kandidaat de afgelopen vijf jaar heeft gehad worden vermeld op het cv.
Rabobank stimuleert dat medewerkers buiten hun functie bijdragen aan sociale en maatschappelijke netwerken. Wel geldt dat een inhurend manager voorafgaand aan contractering beoordeelt of er sprake is van (mogelijke) belangenverstrengeling. Kandidaten dienen voorafgaand aan contractering melding te maken van alle nevenfuncties tot vijf jaar terug. De inhurend manager neemt hiertoe het initiatief en brengt dit tijdens de intake ter sprake, zodat ook de inhoud van deze functies besproken kan worden. Vermelding op het cv draagt bij aan een volledig beeld en goede beoordeling.

Een aanbieding zonder motivatie (dus waarom u de juiste kandidaat bent en hoe u matcht op de eisen die in de aanvraag staan) wordt niet in behandeling genomen.

Engelstalige kandidaat is toegestaan 

Bij aanbieden gaat u er automatisch mee akkoord dat er 2 gratis inwerkdagen van toepassing zijn.
De Rabobank checklist moet ingevuld meegezonden worden.

This customer does not hire freelancers (zzp'ers) and DGA’s. Candidates must be employed by our supplier or must be payrolled by us during the project.

• 5+ years experience in building (web) applications with common technologies;
• Demonstrated ability to follow development best practices;
• Experience with modern frameworks and/or libraries, especially Angular;
• Experience in writing unit tests and integration tests for web applications;
• Knowledge of architectural principles;
• Must be able to brainstorm and communicate ideas with your team as well other stakeholders;
• Has a great sense on business value;
• Challenge and coach team members;
• Willingness to learn new technologies;
• Fluent English is a must.

Wie jij bent

Communication, customer focus, critical thinking and problem solving are essential skills for the role of Frontend web developer.

Extra informatie

Levering aan Rabobank geschiedt via Cegeka (voormalig KPN ict Consulting). Yellow Friday verzorgt voor hen de recruitment activiteiten voor deze eindklant. Wij zijn aan Cegeka (voormalig KPN ict Consulting) single supplier voor de levering aan deze eindklant.

Een aangeboden cv moet de volledige NAW, geboortedatum, het telefoonnummer en het e-mail adres van de kandidaat bevatten

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